Earth is the only planet that can grow lives on it. Human it the only creature that can destroy or save the earth from destruction. Unfortunately, the earth is facing the biggest of survival due to unjustified human activities. Specially the so called developed nations are creating more challenges toward its survival and the people of poor countries are suffering from the impact of their destructive activities.

We are Green
Sixty percent of our factory space is fully covered green with large local trees, garden and grass. Even, the safety walls are also covered with creeping trees to provide maximum oxygen to the air.

Go Solar
We use maximum possible maximum amount of solar energy. Factory shade have enough ventilation for air circulation and facilities to enter sunlight inside the shade during day time. We don’t need to use any electric light duri8ng day time. We use solar energy for light and fans. We are trying to use solar energy as much as possible.

We Use Rain Water
Rain water is the main source of our water supply. We have built a very large reservoir for preserving water. The rain water is directed to reservoir. This water is preserved for fire fighting and daily use. During rainy season, we don’t use underground water. The rain is used for all purposes. During winter, we need to use underground water in minimum quantity.

Clean Air
We don’t give off any pollutant to the air. We keep air clean.