P-13A skilled workforce is the key to growing a business in a saturated market. It gives leverage a business to win the race in a very competitive market like ours. A skilled workforce is among the most important attributes a company.

A skilled worker is any worker who has special skill, training, knowledge, and acquired ability in their work.

Skills development enhances both people’s capacities to work and their opportunities at work, offering more scope for creativity and satisfaction at work. The future prosperity of any country depends ultimately on the number of persons in employment and how productive they are at work. European countries show that a 1 per cent increase in training days leads to a 3 per cent increase in productivity, and that the share of overall productivity growth attributable to training is around 16 per cent (CEDEFOP, 2007).

Thus, we offer skill development training to our workforce. We try to recruit workers and executives having best educational qualification with strong common sense. We try to identify the people having inherent interest for a particular job and hard-working nature. Then we offer theoretical class-room knowledge based training to enhance their understanding about the job. Then we offer our workers on-the-job training. We correlate the performance of our employee to the Incentive, both financial and promotion. So all our workforce is highly motivated and skilled that help us to implement our MUSLIN STANDARDS.