Manufacturing factories are often thought of as a dangerous place to work. But, it is surely wrong in case of our factory because we strictly follow the proper safety program under ISO 9001: 2015 safety Rules.

The Safety program is in-built with the work-process in our factory. The Safety rules are strictly monitored by senior management. For creating a safety culture within the factory and making it a routine matter in everyday life in the factory, we are maintaining safety rules from top to bottom of the factory. We are maintaining the following safety guidelines:

  • All workforces including members of top management wear required safety gears, safety glasses and safety clothing for th4eir respective job/position while at their workstation/floor.
  • All workforces working around moving machinery are prohibited from wearing loose clothing or loose jewelry
  • All workforces working around moving machinery must have long-hair tied back where it can not fall forward or to be caught in the machinery
  • All tools will be in use or will be stored at their proper location at all times, no tools are to be left in any location where they are not being used or being stored.
  • All equipments, tools and machinery are to be kept clean and in full working condition, with any defects being immediately reported to maintenance.
  • The instruction manuals must be readily available for review by all concerned workforces.
  • All equipment and machinery is to be shut down when not in use.
  • All machinery is to haav4e manufacturer’s installed safety guards.
  • No machinery is to be modified by Muslin, if it is required the Machine’s manufacturer will do it accordingly.
  • All work areas are to be kept properly lit when anyone is working.
  • All work areas are to be kept properly ventilated.
  • All work areas of factory (including office and support areas) are to be kept properly clean and organized.
  • No drugs, cigarettes and betel-leaf (Paan) is allowed in the factory.