Muslin is the symbol of Quality. All of our products are made by confirming to our strict quality standards. All services are performed following or exceeding all Quality Standards.

To achieve the Best Quality, we use:

  • Best quality raw materials imported from Thailand, Taiwan and Korea.
  • Modern Machineries having latest technological advancements
  • Properly trained, motivated and skilled manpower
  • IT system controlled production management system following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMF)
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) system for inventory, production and supply.

Thus, we are Perfect to Serve you with the best quality product!


We follow Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory delivery strategy so that our valued clients can reduce their burden of inventory management. We can supply within very short period of time and thus our clients can manage the emergencies without taking any risk. We follow JIT supply chain management system and used our own delivery vans. We are able to deliver goods to Dhaka and Chittagong City area at Day-time by our special vans manufactured by following traffic rules.

We are Just-In-Time. The world’s worst traffic congestions in Dhaka city can’t stop our JIT Delivery!

Thus, we are Perfect to Serve you with the best quality service!


We always offer the possible best price to our clients which is very much competitive in the market without compromising Quality product and Service. We follow the following philosophy to reduce the cost of goods:

  • Taking all legal benefits provided by Government for the 100% export oriented industry
  • We maintain the strong Just-In-Time (JIT) supply chain system to reduce the higher inventory cost
  • We highly skilled workforce to get maximum productivity
  • We use the best quality machineries and raw materials, and uninterrupted power supply to reduce wastage
  • We use low cost credit facilities to reduce the high interest burden

We make profit by reducing cost of production , not from sales. Thus, we are Perfect to Serve you with the best price!