The “Muslin” is the greatest part of our glorious history. It was so popular to Roman Ladies in ancient Rome that an ounce of muslin used to sell in Rome for an ounce of gold! During the 17th and 18th centuries, Mughal Bengal emerged as the foremost muslin exporter in the world, with Mughal Dhaka as capital of the worldwide muslin trade. Muslin Fashions Ltd. is the manufacturer of accessories for fashion items with the quality and brand image of ancient Muslin Cloths. At present, we have started production with garments accessories and will expand service areas in fashion industry. Presently our Products are: – Poly Bags – Elastic bands – Cartons – Tags – Labels –Sewing Threads. Muslin is dedicated to ensure best quality products, in-time delivery and competitive price. We are fully concern with quality service and we will ensure MUSLIN QUALITY in all aspects of service.